SOJOURNER E.S.        


SOJOURNER E.S. is a new design label created by Sojourner Edmonson-Sealy. It encompasses every look that the Urban Trendsetter would fiend to have in their wardrobe!!! Urban Glamour mixed with a Rock Sexy attitude is the aesthetic of this Fashion Legend In the Making!!!

             “When you’re doing a collection your obsessed with it, it haunts you… think about it when you sleeping, when you eating, when you having sex…..everything in your whole world is a collection…..any little thing you see, you think it’s a sign for inspiration… see a feather on the ground from a pigeon, you think okay let me use feathers, you turn on the TV and there’s a Rocky movie on, you’re like let me do boxing trunks, you think that God is sending you so many messages and he ain’t even talking to you, you just really going crazy!”

-Sean P. Diddy Combs (“If I Were King”)

This has become my reality and being since the time I was about seven years old. My skill and passion are what I have been perfecting my whole life. For me, there is no plan B, I am meant to become a fashion designing legend and I believe that this is what I was put on earth to do. Many do not understand that I am living the life of a Fashion Legend in the Making.