SOJOURNER E.S.        


    Waking up everyday of your life, consumed with various thoughts, strange cravings, and  an unusual appetite for  formulating innovative garments is not normal. It is impossible to escape the thoughts of sequins, colorful tulle, and pattern alterations that bombard my mind throughout the day.  If I am not sewing, sketching, or creating a piece of clothing I feel incomplete and wasteful of time. It is not unusual for me to be isolated in my sewing studio for multiple hours at a time conceiving, producing, and designing.  Being this heavily passionate, focused, and infatuated with fashion has grown into not only an uncontrollable obsession, but also a dangerous love affair. I feel as if fashion haunts me to the point where there is way for me to escape this force of grace, classic style, and innovation. Fashion has always been my escape, my retreat, and my only drug, and I refuse treatment!
    My infatuation with the magnetizing world of fashion was sparked when I was seven years old and I first saw my mother, who is a Pratt Institute graduate, sewing on her sewing machine. I remember asking her “What do I have to do to be a fashion designer?” and she told me sketching and sewing. From that point on I have been sketching and sewing intensely through my happiness, sadness, and stress. To be enthralled and consumed with such an aspiration, in most people’s eyes, is a waste of time. However, I believe that I was put on this earth to renew and revamp the fashion industry for the better.
    Through my imaginative nature, my aesthetic of  glamour, sophistication, spontaneity, and innovation showcases my perspective when it comes to this global culture of luxurious fabrics, heart-stopping fashion shows, and continuous inspiration. In order to survive in this industry you must possess more than just an imagination, you must be able to prove how original and reputable your abilities are. The traits that I possess that qualify me to become a fashion legend include my passion, drive, skill, and obsession with perfection.
    My passion has been the driving force behind what I do because I have never dedicated this much time, energy, and proficiency into any other area of my life. Along with my passion, my drive has been in full speed since the time I realized what I wanted to do my entire life. My skill and willingness to expand my knowledge and perfect my illustration and sewing techniques lead to my obsession with artistic perfection. Not only does my need for perfection appear in the clothing I create, but it also transfers into various other areas in my life which causes me stress on a daily basis.
    In summation, when it comes to my craft, I am constantly seeking competition because my goal is to become a fashion legend ....and in order for this to happen I have no choice, but to be the best.